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InvestED: Ep. 250- Events (Part 2)

“Assume everything you’re being told is a lie. You have to do your homework and you have to understand what you’re buying.” – Phil Town.

In this week’s episode of InvestED, Phil and Danielle continue their conservation on what defines an event and the role fear plays in this outcome.

In the previous episode, Phil and Danielle started to answer a loyal listener’s question inquiring about what resources he should use to acquire information on events.

Rule #1 investors define an event as a thing of importance that happens, causing fear, thus lowering the price of a stock. An event is also short term, not terminal.

Phil goes into detail about the resources he uses to learn about events. Although Toby asks where he can look aside from front-page news sources, Phil lists the Financial Times, Barrons, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Inc. Magazine as great financial reporting sources.

Smaller investors do not have access to this information as easily, so reading often, creating a watch list and patiently waiting for an event to force these companies to go on sale is the best option.

If you want to learn more about the resources investors use to find out information about events, join us on the podcast today!

Show Notes:

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